Dorothea Dix Hospital

I’ve enjoyed every project I’ve been able to work on. I can always look back and say, I had a hand in that.

LP SuttonSuperintendent, Carolinas Region



Diconix was a fast-paced project. It was a great project because of the high-tech and innovative work the client would be performing in the facility.

Tom HaverkosPresident


Good Samaritan Hospital

It was just fun being out there working on a hospital.  Seeing how all of the systems come together is what gave me my passion for healthcare.

Troy ErbesVice President, Business Development


Wright State University Library

Up to that point, the biggest check I had written was probably for my car, maybe $200.

Steve SeftonPresident, Carolinas Region


University of Dayton Virginia Kettering Dorms

I learned a lot from both Bert and Ray Black. Completing that project made me the man I am today.

Steve BetzPresident, Southeast Region



I started on a Thursday and had to call in sick the next day with a 104 degree fever. So I ended up only working one day in 1972.

Marty MulhallVice President, Cincinnati


City of Dayton WWTP

My first job was at the yard as soon as I was old enough to work, and by the time I was a senior in high school, I was working for the Danis Highway division as a laborer on Fairfield Road.

John DanisCEO