B.G. Danis laid the foundation for a company that would help to shape the skyline of Dayton and beyond.


Established in the Dayton area as a highly regarded industry leader, the Danis Company completed many larger projects during the decade. This included the beginning of our relationship with the University of Dayton and the building of our first healthcare facility.


Although the Great Depression loomed over most of the 1930s, the Dayton area was able to recover quickly due to a strong industrial presence and wartime government contracts. During this decade, the B.G. Danis Company built several industrial projects and Dayton’s first radio tower.


As the United States entered WWII in 1941, the B. G. Danis Company completed multiple projects that were influential in the war effort. The company continued to grow and evolve, becoming a successful second generation business during this decade.


With the emergence of the Baby Boomer generation and post-war consumerism, the B.G. Danis Company saw growth in a number of areas. During this decade Danis expanded the maternity wing of Grandview Hospital, built at least twenty-four K-12 public and parochial schools, and experienced an increase in retail projects.


The B.G. Danis Company experienced expansion this decade with highway, bridge, and water treatment projects. In 1966, Charles Danis Sr. was named President and his brother, B.G. Danis Jr. was named Vice President. By the end of the decade, Danis had grown to its highest plateau in history with $45M of work in progress.


With the continued growth of multiple Danis family-owned businesses, Danis Industries Corporation was formed. It was comprised of the 14 businesses, divided into the Building Construction, Heavy and Highway Construction, Construction Products, and Real Estate Development Groups.


Danis Industries, now a third generation company, expanded the building division by opening offices in Cincinnati and Columbus. Larger and more complex projects were completed during this decade, with historical renovations, multi-building office complexes, and larger healthcare facilities.


With a reorganization, John Danis became CEO of Danis Building Construction Company, as it is known today. Other groups of the business were retained as The Danis Companies, with Tom Danis as CEO. There were many healthcare, university, and renovation projects this decade, including the renovation of the Victoria Theatre, which was also renovated in the 1910s.


The Danis Building Construction Company expanded into North Carolina and Florida this decade, joining the existing offices in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. Segments with continued growth included healthcare, higher education, corporate, and civic projects.


With projects totaling $750M of work in progress, Danis Building Construction Company is poised for the future with exceptional, creative people continuing to provide clients and communities with buildings of culture, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more.